Common Thermostat Issues All Homeowners Should Know About

A broken thermostat during the hottest months of the summer can make a home completely unlivable. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t understand how these devices work and where to begin the troubleshooting process. Read ahead for a look at some of the most common thermostat issues and a few signs that it might be time to call in the professionals.

A Blank Screen

A blank screen on your thermostat can be the result of any number of issues, but it is most likely dead batteries or a problem at the breaker box. Batteries can easily be replaced by pulling the thermostat off of the wall, replacing the batteries, and hitting the reset button. If the thermostat runs off of your home’s power, then you will need to open up the breaker box and flip the switch that controls the line leading into the thermostat.

Error Codes

Error codes are a little more complicated depending on which code is shown. Unfortunately, there is no uniform system for thermostat error codes, and this means that homeowners will need to flip through their owner’s manual or check the Internet for the code. Those who are uncomfortable troubleshooting their own codes should schedule a service call with an HVAC technician.

The Thermostat Repeatedly Clicks Off and On

Many families will notice that their thermostat clicks off and on repeatedly during the summer months. While this could be a problem with the thermostat itself, it might also be a problem with the home’s insulation or even the outdoor condenser for the air conditioner. In most cases, this issue will require a thorough inspection of the cooling system carried out by an HVAC technician.

The Air Is Blowing Too Hot or Too Cold

Much like the system turning off and on, unusual temperatures coming out of your vents could be the result of any number of problems. Homeowners should first look over all of the settings on the thermostat and double-check that the lever is in the correct position. If there are still issues, then there might be a major problem in the ducts, air filters, or the condenser itself.

Contact Colman Heating & Air for Professional Thermostat Repairs

Homeowners who have noticed any of these problems shouldn’t hesitate to contact Colman Heating & Air to schedule an inspection of their HVAC system. Our technicians are just a phone call away and can help you with all thermostat repairs and upgrades.

We love providing our customers with as much information as we can! Check out our infographic for a recap.

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