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Common Ice Machine Problems and How to Fix Them

August 22, 2016 Colman Heating & Air

Common Ice Maker Problems

Your ice maker may be producing clumpy ice, or it may not be producing much of anything these days. If this is the case, try these quick troubleshooting tips to see if you can solve the problem. Here are several easy fixes for common ice maker issues.

1. Specs in Ice Cubes

Occasionally, specs can appear in ice cubes. It may not necessarily mean that the water is dirty. In reality, you might have calcium carbonate in the water supply and tubing, which causes the specs to form.

Quick Fix: Installing a water filter can help resolve this issue.

2. Ice Machine Not Producing Ice

The system may have been producing ice just fine a few days ago, but now it isn’t producing anything. Check to see if there is any water in the ice maker. If so, verify that the temperature is set to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quick Fix: Slightly warm temperatures can make it difficult to produce ice. If adjusting the temperatures doesn’t work, replace the water inlet valve.

3. Producing Thin Ice

Producing thin ice is another common problem. Thin ice chips can mean that the unit is having a hard time eliminating heat.

Quick Fix: Cleaning the condenser coils can improve the performance of the system since coils clogged with debris and pet hair can trap heat.

4. Ice Clumps Together

Ice clumping is often linked to melting, but ice can clump together in extremely cold conditions, too. Additionally, the ice can start to clump together if the unit is not used often enough.

Quick Fix: First, try running the system to get ice, and keep running it until the ice stops clumping. If this does not make a difference, check for any gaps in the freezer door gasket and seal with Vaseline.

5. Not Filling With Water

The tray must fill with water to produce ice. Inadequate levels of water in the tray can be attributed to a bad solenoid. Check to see if the solenoid has a reading of between 200 to 500 ohm reading.

Quick Fix: If the reading is off, clean the tube and remove any clogs. If there is no reading, then it may be time to have the solenoid replaced.

Contact Colman Heating and Air for Ice Machine Installation or Repair

These tips can help you troubleshoot the most common ice machine problems. If you do not feel comfortable performing these repairs, contact Colman Heating and Air for additional assistance in fixing your ice machine.

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