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Can Air Conditioning Cause a Sore Throat?

June 18, 2019 content

If you’re a Florida homeowner in the Brevard County area who suffers from allergies, then you may have read how your air conditioning system can make your allergies better. While it’s true that your air conditioning system is one of your biggest lines of defense when it comes to lessening your allergy symptoms, your system […]

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How the Right Air Conditioner Can Help Treat Your Allergies

September 26, 2018 content

Air conditioners are a blessing. Most everyone in Florida can attest to that: They make our homes more comfortable, they protect our belongings and wood structures from the oppressive heat and humidity, and they allow us to maintain a good standard of living. But what about allergies? With so much pollen in the spring and […]

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6 Ways to Prevent Thermostat Wars at Home

May 24, 2018 content

Most people cherish spending time at home with their families. Since the vast majority of time is spent at work, being able to relax at home and just be together is a luxury. That being said, these moments are rarely postcard worthy. As much as we may love them, the reality more often goes like […]

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How to Go Green in Your Household This St Patty’s Day

March 15, 2017 content

St. Patty’s Day is a day of celebration, and finding a way to save money while reducing your global footprint can be part of the fun. After all, the best thing about going green may be saving the green. March and St. Patrick’s Day are the perfect time to evaluate your HVAC system. If you […]

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Is Your Home Ready for a Super Bowl Party?

February 02, 2017 content

The Super Bowl is almost here and people all over Brevard County, Florida will be hosting Super Bowl parties. One of the most important things for an amazing Super Bowl party is to make sure your home feels comfortable. That’s where your heating and air conditioning systems come into play. Your guests cannot be comfortable […]

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7 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes for Florida Homes

August 25, 2016 content

Whether you realize it or not, it’s very possible your home is far more polluted than the outdoors. And if you’re a regular user of store-bought cleaning materials made of harsh chemicals, you may want to consider switching to DIY natural cleaning recipes. These homemade solutions are not only great for boosting your home’s indoor air […]

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The Homeowner’s Guide to SEER Ratings

August 19, 2016 content

With NATE Certified Technicians and as Carrier Authorized Dealers, we at Colman take pride in offering the best, most efficient service available to you in order to save you money. The importance of understanding what SEER ratings are and how they can affect your energy bill this summer could make a big difference in your […]

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Which Home Appliances Use the Most Energy?

August 17, 2016 content

When the summer heat soaks up all your funds with A/C bills, knowing how to save money on other home appliances can be a big help to even out your energy bills. Summer is a good time to try out new ways of saving energy in the kitchen, laundry, and all around the house! In […]

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Garage Conversions Ideas for Air Conditioning

August 14, 2016 content

If you’re planning on converting your garage into a living space you will definitely need to put an AC in it! Air conditioning is a very important part of your garage conversion, especially in Florida. Check out these AC options for your potential garage conversion. 3 Air Conditioning Options for Garage Apartment: 1. AC Ductwork […]

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Does Smoke Harm My Air Conditioner?

July 20, 2016 content

Air conditioners take air from outside and clean it through filters before pumping it into your home or office. Any air pollutant can dirty an air filter, so how much worse is smoke for it? How Indoor Smoke Effects Your Air Conditioner If you smoke in your home, the exhaled smoke will end up coming […]

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