AC Not Blowing Cold Air But Running

Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air When Running

If you live in a place like Florida that’s warm year-round, discovering that your air conditioner is not blowing cold air can be a distressing realization. To get your home’s climate under control again, you’ll want to figure out how to fix the problem as soon as possible. But, what is causing your air conditioner … Continued

AC Drain Line Clogged

How to Unclog a Clogged AC Drain Line

Your air conditioner is constantly handling the exchange of hot and cold air. This process naturally creates moisture, which your AC unit is designed to remove through a complex but efficient drainage system. Chief among the parts responsible for effectively removing the buildup of moisture within your AC unit is the drain pipe. This pipe, … Continued

ac smells musty

Why Your AC Smells Musty

In places like Florida that are notorious for their heat, having a functional air conditioner is the quintessential feature of indoor comfort. You may melt into a puddle of sweat between the time you park your car and when you unlock the door to your house, but once inside, all is supposed to be well. … Continued

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Mildew?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Mildew?

Florida summers can be brutal, and the last thing you need is to turn on your AC and smell mildew. This probably leaves you questioning the source of the odor, and if it will affect your health. If the air smells moldy or musty, then you have a possible mildew issue. When you return indoors … Continued

Should I Ever Turn Off My AC

Should I Ever Turn My AC Off?

Beating the heat in the Florida summertime is hard work, but so is keeping your energy bill low while staying cool. There are many opinions about when and how often to run your AC, but what’s the best strategy to stay frugal without compromising your comfort? And is it ever okay to turn your AC … Continued

What is a Zoned AC System

What is a Zoned AC System?

A zoned AC system is a heating and cooling system that operates by using dampers in your ductwork. The purpose is to regulate and flow air to specific areas in your home. This type of system allows homeowners to create customized temperature zones throughout their homes to increase AC efficiency and comfort. Is a Zoned … Continued

Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

4 Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Being a homeowner comes with a long list of responsibilities. But, when you think about the things you need to do to maintain your home,  your bathroom exhaust fan probably doesn’t come to mind. Because they’re so easily forgotten, they can sometimes break down without you even noticing. And, while you may not realize it, your bathroom … Continued

House is Hotter Upstair Than Downstairs

Why is My House Hotter Upstairs Than Downstairs?

When you’re home, you want to be comfortable. After all, it’s where you seek refuge from the stress and demands of everyday life. Maybe you like to unwind after a long day by relaxing in your upstairs bedroom — but notice the temperature often gets uncomfortable. You might be wondering, why is my house hotter … Continued

The Dangers of Closing Air Vents

Why You Shouldn't Cover or Close AC Vents

As a homeowner, you have lots of things to stay on top of – mowing the lawn, landscaping, cleaning, organizing, paying bills, maintaining your AC and more. With so many tasks to worry about, it’s natural to want to try and make things work more efficiently – like your AC. Maybe you don’t use one … Continued

What is AC Fan Mode

What is AC Fan Mode?

When it comes to air conditioners, most people simply know the basics — that it’s supposed to cool your home, how to change the thermostat settings, and, ideally, you’re also changing the air filter regularly. But what about lesser-used features, such as the fan mode? What is it for anyway? And, would your AC system benefit … Continued

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