Will an AC Filter Catch Pet Hair and Dander?

Improving the air quality in your home can help to prevent allergic reactions such as coughing and sneezing from the contaminants that enter from outside or inside a building. Homeowners probably know the importance of changing an air conditioner’s filter once a month to protect the device’s components from dust that can ruin mechanisms, but changing filters also improves indoor air quality. While our customers might think that allergens outside their homes are causing health problems, it is more likely that the dirty air inside a home is causing issues.  

How Pet Dander Affects Allergies

Many of our customers have pets that live inside or outside a home, and having a pet offers benefits such as companionship and security, but if someone is allergic to dander, then having a pet can lead to discomfort from allergies. Despite vacuuming each day in addition to giving a pet a bath frequently, the animal will shed hair and skin flakes onto furniture and wall-to-wall carpeting. Pet hair and dander tends to float through the air to enter a home’s ductwork before it is suctioned into an air conditioner. Unless there is a specialized high-efficiency particle arrestance air filter in an air conditioner, a home’s occupants may suffer from skin rashes and other allergic responses.

Can Air Filters Help Remove Pet Dander?

Inexpensive, basic air filters are not made with a dense material that captures small particles the way a HEPA filter does. The United States Department of Energy requires that a filter labeled as HEPA remove nearly all of the tiniest particles from the air as it passes through an air conditioner. HEPA filters are designed with thick fibers in a configuration that captures pet dander that causes allergic reactions.

Call Colman Heating & Air for AC Filters

If you want to keep the air inside your home cleaner, then contact us to schedule an air conditioner inspection. Inspections from our North American Technician Excellence trained employees include changing filters, vacuuming debris and lubricating mechanisms. Not only do we check the interior and exterior air-conditioning units, but we also inspect ductwork to verify there are no blockages caused by dirt.

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