5 Benefits of Air Purifiers

Are you considering installing air purifiers in your home? The reality is that the same way that water filters remove undesirable chemicals and contaminants from tap water, air purifiers pull the impurities and allergens from the air in your home and filter it so that you can breathe higher-quality oxygen.

But with so many different options out there, how do you know what’s best for you and your family?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. While overall, any kind of air purifier will offer a wide range of benefits. However, to figure out which one is best for your home, take into account the following factors:

– How many people live in your home?
– Are any allergy sufferers or smokers in your home?
– Do you have pets?
– Has your home had mold issues?

Benefits of having an air purifier

1. Absorb allergens. Suffering from allergies is uncomfortable and inconvenient. No one wants to deal with a runny nose, itchy eyes, and constant sneezing. If this happens a lot in your home, installing an air purifier will help reduce these issues, since it’ll absorb foreign substances floating through the air inside your home.

2. Cleaner home. No matter how often you clean your home, you can likely see floating motes of dust particles when a direct beam of sunlight hits it. Dust collects on top of ceiling fans, blinds, and furniture. Although dust wouldn’t disappear with an air purifier, the amount in your home would be substantially reduced. This is because air purifiers absorb dust and dust mites.

3. Eliminate odors. Some homes have a distinct smell. Some are delightful, such as the scent of a pie baking or of fresh cut flowers. Some are less than pleasant, such as old carpet or wood paneling. With an air purifier, you can reduce disagreeable smells in your home.

4. Reduce the chances of mold growth. Mold is dirty, unsightly, causes respiratory issues, and can result in costly repairs to your home’s structure. Certain types of air purifiers absorb mold spores as well.

5 Types of Air Purifiers

1. Ion air purifier. These are among the easiest to find, you can even purchase them at drugstores. One of their biggest appeals is that they don’t emit any sound. However, some studies report that they don’t really do much to remove airborne pollutants.

2. Portable air purifier. Portable purifiers are a good option for smaller rooms or for a cubicle or office. They are a good option if you stick with the models that come with HEPA filters (some are portable ion purifiers, which have been taken off the market in certain jurisdictions).

3. Whole home air purifier. These are built into your home’s ducts and work in conjunction with your air conditioning and heating system. They can be installed to look like regular air vents, and they come in a wide range of prices, depending on the type of technology you prefer.

4. Activated carbon purifier. These type of purifiers are best to absorb chemicals (such as those emitted from cleaning detergents), gases, and tobacco. They also absorb formaldehyde, so it may be a good option for hair salons that use styling products which contain this compound.

5. HEPA air purifiers. The acronym stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and they remove most of the airborne particles in your home, such as dust, mold spores, tobacco smoke, and pet dander.

HEPA air purifiers absorb airborne germs that cause the common cold and flu. These are an excellent option if anyone in your home smokes or suffers from asthma, since they trap the highest amount of dust particles and allergens. They also absorb mold spores, so they’re one of the most effective air filters available.

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