What is the Ideal Setting for a Dehumidifier in a Florida Home?

Some people love sunny days at the beach. Others love staying in with a good book on a rainy day. And there are merits to both scenarios.

What most people can agree on, however, is that humidity sucks. It feels oppressive. It makes us feel sticky. It takes a hot day and turns it into an “I feel like I’m inside an oven” kind of situation.

It’s one thing when the humidity levels are off the charts when you step outside. But what about the humidity inside your home? What would be the ideal humidity setting?

Why do I Need a Dehumidifier in Florida?

The same way Florida humidity is what the horrors in Dante’s Inferno are made of, having too much humidity inside your home can be a nightmare: It can form those unsightly wet stains on your ceilings. It can cause your home to grow mold. It may make your home smell musty. It may affect your health. It weakens your home’s structure over time.

A dehumidifier will prevent all of those issues and improve the air quality inside your home (this means, less allergens for those of you sneezy folks). In addition to this awesomeness, you’d experience the following benefits:

– Protect furniture and floors
– Protect door and window frames from expanding
– Extend the life of your mattresses and the quality of your sleep
– Get rid of dust mites
– Eliminate dampness in your home
– Ease joint pain if you have arthritis
– Reduce asthma triggers

So the question is not whether you should have one. If you don’t have one, the question should be how soon can you get it?

Optimal Humidity Levels Inside a Florida Home

Ok. So now that you know that you should have a dehumidifier, you have to figure out the ideal setting for your home.

During summer months, humidity levels should be at around 40%. During the “colder” Florida weather, it should be at around 60%. You can measure this by installing a humidistat. They are relatively affordable, will notify you if the humidity levels inside your home are too high, and will cause the AC to shut off once your home reaches the desired humidity level. In turn, you’ll save money in your monthly power bill.

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