Air Conditioning Myths That May be Costing You

Many of us think we know how our air conditioners work but the reality is we don’t. While we think we may be lowering our energy bills we may actually be raising them! Learn about these few air conditioning myths and what you should be doing instead:

Myth 1. It’s cheaper to keep your air conditioner at the same temperature all day.

False. Keeping your temperature to the same degree throughout the day will actually run your AC more. It’s best to raise your thermostat temperature when you’re out of the house and lower it when you’re sleeping or spending time indoors.

Solution: Invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can adjust to your daily routine. They can adjust the temperature of your house while you’re away and begin to lower the temperature again right before you return. If you don’t have a smart thermostat then you can manually set a schedule for your air temperature adjustments or raise the air when you leave the house.

Myth 2. Dropping the temperature extra low will cool your home faster.

False. Although decreasing your temperature will automatically cause your air conditioner to kick on and begin producing cool air, it won’t cool your home any faster. Most air conditioners run at the same speed regardless of the temperature. Be wary of dropping the temperature drastically. It will make your air conditioner run longer while decreasing efficiency and increasing energy bills.

Solution: A great rule of thumb is to periodically adjust your thermostat by a few degrees. If your house consistently doesn’t cool, there could be a few problems with your AC or thermostat. In that case, we recommend calling your trusted AC tech for assistance.

Myth 3. Closing off vents and registers in unused rooms will reduce energy consumption.

False. Your central air conditioner works to cool your whole home, so when vents are closed off it throws the system off balance. Closing vents in rooms that don’t get used often will affect the way your air conditioner sucks in and blows out air, resulting in an uneven distribution of airflow.

Solution: Keep your vents and registers open.

Myth 4. Turning off your thermostat when you’re away will save you money.

False. While it’s easy to think that turning your thermostat off while you’re out will save you money, it will actually make your AC work harder when you do turn your thermostat back on.

Solution: Continue to adjust your thermostat when you’re in and out of the house. Raising the temperature will save you money in the long run.

Myth 5. I won’t lose cool air if I keep windows and doors closed.

False. Cool air can escape in places other than windows and doors. Weatherizing your home could be the answer to noticeable savings on your utility bill. If routine maintenance isn’t performed on your air conditioner then problems could arise in the ductwork of your home, causing cool air to escape between the walls.

Solution: Seal up any cracks or crevices where air can escape. Schedule routine maintenance on your ductwork so your HVAC technician can spot any areas that need repair.

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