Adding Central Air Conditioning to House With No Ductwork

There are many pros to living in Florida — amusement parks, amazing wildlife, countless beaches, and more! It’s no wonder the Sunshine State is such a popular place to vacation and retire.

But while living here has many pros, there’s one con most Floridians can agree on: the heat.

We don’t really have seasons (unless you count hurricane season). It’s basically an eternal summer. So it’s no surprise that a whopping 86% of Florida homes are equipped with central AC!

That being said — it’s not unheard of for older Florida homes to be without central AC. Are you living in an old home with no ductwork? Are you interested in adding central air conditioning? If so, the good news is central AC installation is completely possible and will not only improve the value of your home, but your comfort as well.

Adding Central Air Conditioning to an Old House

Old houses typically don’t have ductwork in place. This means if you want to add central AC, there are a few things that will be involved.

Heat Gain Calculation

Once you’ve made the decision to add central AC to your home, the first thing your HVAC technician will do is perform a heat-gain calculation. This is done to determine the heat gain your home is susceptible to and what size AC you’ll need. The evaluation takes into account variables like the square footage of your home, and the amount of heat that penetrates your home’s walls, windows, and doors. A heat calculation can also provide insight into the potential benefits of upgrading your home’s insulation.

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AC Sizing

After your HVAC technician finishes the heat-gain calculation, they can determine the size of your unit. Having the right size AC unit for your home is important for many reasons. A unit that’s too small won’t cool your home properly and will work harder trying to do so. If the unit is too big, it will use more electricity and won’t reduce the humidity properly.

AC Unit Efficiency

Once you know what size AC will be installed, your HVAC technician will talk to you about efficiency, also known as the SEER rating. The SEER rating is a ratio that’s used to measure how efficient an AC system is. It’s calculated by determining how much cool air is produced, divided by the amount of electricity to produce it.

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Ductwork Installation

Once your HVAC technician has determined what size AC you will need, ductwork installation can begin. Ductwork is typically installed in the attic of your home.

Cost of Adding Central Air to Home

When it comes to the cost of adding central AC to your home, there’s no one set price. This is because there are a variety of factors that are involved, such as:

  • What size AC your home needs
  • The SEER rating of your new AC
  • The way your home was built
  • Where your ductwork will be installed
  • Number of AC vents needed
  • How many thermostats your home has
  • Labor costs to do the installation

Central AC Installation in Brevard County

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