Outside AC Unit Stuffed With Debris

As a homeowner, you have so many things to keep track of to keep your house running smoothly. Changing air filters, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters. These are the items that are most likely to be at the forefront of your mind because they are the most basic ones.

However, it’s just as important to take care of everything else, such as the outside portion of your air conditioner (the condenser unit). Doing so will ensure your AC works as efficiently as possible. So what happens if you notice that the vents on the condenser are stuffed with leaves, small branches, and other debris?

What Happens If Your Outdoor AC Unit is Dirty?

The condenser unit is exposed to dirt, dust, grass, bird droppings, and a myriad of other elements that can easily clog its vents. Failing to clean it will result in all of the following:

  • Blocked air flow
  • AC won’t cool as efficiently (or at all)
  • Spreading of mold through AC vents
  • Shortened lifespan of your air conditioner

In other words, cleaning it regularly is a task that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Before doing any type of preventive maintenance on your air conditioner, shut off the power, both on the thermostat and the breaker panel.

Once the power is shut off, follow these tips:

1. Clean the Coils

Unscrew the metal covers and clean the coils with a soft bristle brush and coil cleaner detergent. You can then hose it down. Do not power wash them, since the force of the water could end up bending the coils.

2. Unbend the Fins

If you do end up bending the fins from washing the coils (or if they’re already bent from having so much debris fall on them), you can return them to their original position by using a condenser fin comb.

3. Trim foliage Around It

While you can’t do much about dirt accumulation and insects making a home out of your condenser unit, you can trim bushes and trees around it to significantly decrease the amount of debris that falls and gets stuck on the vents.

AC Service in Brevard County

At Colman, we understand that sometimes AC issues occur during the most inconvenient times. This is why we have a 24/7 AC emergency line. Call us if you need assistance ASAP, or to schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

24-HR Emergency Service: (321) 269-4565

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