Air Conditioner Keeps Running Long Cycles

How Long Should My Air Conditioner Run a Cycle

If your air conditioning system is running as it should, then you can expect it to run in cycles that last between 15 and 20 minutes. But if your system is running in cycles lasting an hour or even all day, it’s likely that there is an underlying issue.

Here, we detail why your AC keeps running, why your AC won’t turn off, and what you can do about it.

Why a Long AC Cycle is a Sign of a Problem

You may think that your AC constantly running is no big deal, especially if your home is cool and comfortable, right? But there are few problems with an AC that won’t turn off. The first is that it’s a big waste of energy. The longer your air conditioning system is running, the more energy it’s consuming. As a result, you’ll likely notice that your energy bills are higher than they should be.

The second problem is that when your AC is constantly running, it’s putting unnecessary stress on the entire system. You may find that your system needs frequent repairs or worse, needs to be replaced even though it’s not that old.

Considering your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make for your home, no one wants to have to replace their system early!

5 Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Running

With the above in mind, here are five reasons why your AC won’t turn off.

1. Your thermostat is on the wrong setting

Sometimes the reason your AC keeps running is as simple as your thermostat being on the wrong setting.

Your air conditioner can only handle specific temperature differences between the inside of your home and the outdoors. For example, if its 98 degrees outside, but your thermostat is set to 62 degrees, your system is going to be constantly running to try and keep up. If your thermostat is set at a low temperature, try raising it a few degrees and see if this improves the cycles.

2. The coils are dirty

The coils within your air conditioning system have a big job to do. This component is responsible for absorbing heat and moving it outside of your home. But over time, these coils get dirty, and when they do, they can’t do their job as efficiently. As a result, your air conditioning system may be fighting to overcompensate, constantly running as a result.

If you think this may be the case, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a trusted HVAC technician so they can inspect the coils and clean them if they are dirty.

3. There are air leaks in your home

There are lots of opportunities for air to leak from the inside of your home to the outdoors. Tiny crevices around the doors and windows, as well as the ductwork, can all allow air to seep out. If your leaks are severe, you’ll likely notice that your AC keeps running. This is because your air conditioning system will be working constantly in an effort to produce enough cold air to compensate for the air that is escaping to the outdoors.

You can avoid this by sealing any of the leaks in your home, paying special attention to the areas around the doors and the windows.

4. It’s just really hot outside

Living in Brevard County, Florida, you know that the summer temperatures can be brutal. Sometimes it’s just so hot outside that your AC won’t turn off because it simply needs to run longer than usual to keep your home cool.

If you’ve never noticed your system constantly running before now and it happens to be especially hot outside, there may be no cause for alarm. We recommend keeping an eye on your system to see if it returns to normal when the temperatures cool down.

5. Your AC system is aging

As air conditioning systems reach the 10-year mark, they begin to lose their ability to cool a home efficiently. General wear and tear causes various components within the system to become inefficient, causing your AC to have to run longer than usual to create the same cooling effect. You might not need to replace your system just yet, but if you’ve noticed that your energy bills are sky high, it may be time to start looking into investing in a new system.

HVAC Repair in Brevard County, Florida

If your AC won’t turn off and you’re not sure why, we can help. At Colman Heating & Air, we offer quality HVAC services to homeowners in the Brevard County area and can diagnose and repair your air conditioning system. Better yet, we know that your AC may not malfunction during business hours, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency repairs.

If you’re in need of an honest AC company to determine why your AC keeps running, call us today at (321) 269-4565 or contact us online to schedule a service!

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