Save Money This Summer With 5 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs

It’s summertime in Florida, and the temperature has already skyrocketed! While most Floridians enjoy cooling down by the beach or relaxing in the sun on their boats, many of us seek refuge inside our own homes. But blasting AC all day can get expensive, and wouldn’t you rather spend the money on fun, summer activities? We think so!

If you want to stay cool indoors, without breaking the bank, just follow these tips! They’ll help keep your entire home cool all summer long while keeping costs low.

1. Close Your Blinds

Nothing will heat up your home faster than the beating sun pouring in through your windows. While we all enjoy a sunlit room, the fact is it heats up your home quickly, causing your AC to work much harder. Make sure you close all the blinds, especially when you leave your home for the day. Also, shut the blinds on all west-facing rooms, as these tend to get the most sun throughout the day.

2. Add Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans can’t lower the temperature in your home, they can improve your comfort. Fans move the air around your skin so you feel cooler without actually changing the room temperature. Adding a ceiling fan can help lower your dependence on your air conditioner during the summer, saving you money on electricity.

3. Landscape Your Yard

It’s a beautiful time of year! So why not go outside and do some planting? Not only will it add beauty and value to your home, but strategic landscaping can also actually keep you cool. Placing trees and large bushes on the west side of your home blocks out excess heat and keeps your home cool and comfortable.

4. Have a Barbeque

In case you need another reason to get outside and fire up the grill, here’s one more! Using the oven and stove inside your home really heats things up. It leaves your house feeling way too hot and makes your AC work even harder. Cooking food outside will eliminate this problem while letting you show off your grill master skills.

5. Get Your AC Maintenance

In the summer, we rely heavily on our ACs. There is almost no way getting around that. But we can make them run more efficiently with annual maintenance. Have your AC cleaned and checked out by a professional to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system. Not only will this save you money on your monthly energy bills, but it will also save you money on preventable repairs!

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