5 Tips for Beating Seasonal Allergies

5 Tips for Fighting Seasonal Allergies

Ah, the changing seasons. Even if Florida does not have the colorful changing leaves like those found in the northeast, the Sunshine State still has the influx of allergens that seem to pop up whenever the weather starts to change. Not to mention, allergy symptoms do not always stem from pollen and other outdoor allergens, but can actually come from indoor air pollutants. Here are five tips to stop allergies in their tracks:

1.  Regularly changing the AC air filter can help combat indoor air allergens, and reduce the number of outdoor allergens that make their way indoors.

2.  For those suffering from severe allergy symptoms, try a portable air filter, or a different type of air filter.

3. Diet can have an impact on allergies, so consider cutting back or trying new foods. The water you drink can also affect allergies.

4. Treat allergies early with either prescription or over the counter medication. Just remember to treat allergies with the appropriate medication. Even better, try alternative therapies.

5. Try natural cleaning remedies to limit exposure to allergy-causing chemicals.

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