3 Tips For Savings On My Energy Bill

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, chances are you’re already making small efforts here and there to save energy. Perhaps you always make sure to turn off the lights when you leave the room, or maybe you’ve invested in energy efficient light bulbs. But while these efforts might save you small amounts of energy, the biggest energy consumer in your home is likely your air conditioning system. Considering that nearly half of every homeowner’s energy usage goes towards heating and cooling, it’s only logical to switch up the way you utilize your AC. With that in mind, here are three tips for saving money on your next energy bill.

Clean the Area Around Your Air Conditioner

Excess leaves, weeds, and other debris can impede the outside component of your air conditioning system. As a result, your air conditioning system won’t operate as efficiently as possible and that could cause an increase in your energy bills. Get in the habit of regularly cleaning the area around the outside unit to ensure it’s free of leaves, weeds, and other debris.

Replace or Clean Dirty Air Filters

The air filter in your air conditioning system has a big job to do. Without it, dander, dirt, dust, and other pollutants would easily make their way into your home. Fortunately, air filters do a stellar job at trapping these particles before they infiltrate the air. But there’s a catch – you have to be diligent about changing air filters when they get dirty. Dirty air filters do little in the fight against pollutants and make your air conditioning system work twice as hard to deliver the same cooling power. As a result, your system uses more energy and you get slapped with a higher energy bill. The solution is easy: change your air filter regularly.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Preventative maintenance and your air conditioning system go hand-in-hand. Because your air conditioning system is such a big investment for your home, it’s important to make small efforts that protect your investment. Preventative maintenance ensures that your system is functioning at its optimal performance level year round, which is great for your personal comfort and your energy bill. For good measure, it’s best to have a preventative maintenance checkup performed on your AC twice per year.

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