3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Air filters play an important role in your home’s heating and cooling system. A good air filter will remove bacteria and pollutants from the air, which is why it’s vital to regularly clean and replace your home’s air filters.

Not only will dirty air filters affect the quality of the air in your house, they will also lead you to paying higher monthly energy bills. But a clean air filter will both save you money and keep you and your family breathing fresh, clean air.

1. Vacuum the Filter

Your air filter collects a lot of particles over time that can eventually make your filter ineffective. One way to solve this problem is to remove and vacuum the air filter. Vacuuming the filter will help remove unwanted particles and restore your filter to good condition. It is important to take your time and ensure you have properly cleaned the filter.

You also have to be careful while vacuuming your filter, as filters can often be ripped in the process. A ripped filter is useless, so if you aren’t careful cleaning be sure to have filter replacements on hand.

2. Wash Your Filters

You can wash your filters to sanitize them. You will need to fill a bucket with an equal amount of water and vinegar, which will act as a disinfectant. Use a bucket large enough to completely submerge the air filters.

The amount of time they will need to soak depends on how long it has been since you last cleaned them. If you clean your filters on a regular basis, let them soak for about an hour. If it has been a while, soak them for three to five hours.

3. Replace Your Filters

Cleaning your filter is a good solution in most situations. However, if your filter is in poor condition, your best option may be to replace it entirely. Old air filters can rip easily, and a ripped filter is no longer effective. Ignoring the need to clean or replace your current air filters will cost you more in energy bills in the longer run.

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Without the proper training or experience, many homeowners find their filters become easily ripped or damaged after  attempting to clean them on their own.

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