Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

4 Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Being a homeowner comes with a long list of responsibilities. But, when you think about the things you need to do to maintain your home,  your bathroom exhaust fan probably doesn’t come to mind. Because they’re so easily forgotten, they can sometimes break down without you even noticing. And, while you may not realize it, your bathroom […]

House is Hotter Upstair Than Downstairs

Why is My House Hotter Upstairs Than Downstairs?

When you’re home, you want to be comfortable. After all, it’s where you seek refuge from the stress and demands of everyday life. Maybe you like to unwind after a long day by relaxing in your upstairs bedroom — but notice the temperature often gets uncomfortable. You might be wondering, why is my house hotter […]

The Dangers of Closing Air Vents

Why You Shouldn’t Cover or Close AC Vents

As a homeowner, you have lots of things to stay on top of – mowing the lawn, landscaping, cleaning, organizing, paying bills, maintaining your AC and more. With so many tasks to worry about, it’s natural to want to try and make things work more efficiently – like your AC. Maybe you don’t use one […]


How We’re Helping You Through COVID-19

As we all find new ways to adapt and overcome, Colman remains committed to providing timely and exceptional service to our customers. With stay-at-home regulations in place, we’ve closed our office, but that doesn’t prevent us from serving all your HVAC needs. Our employees that work in the office are now working from home. We’re […]